VSO India Trust strategy

VSO India Trust strategy

VSO India Trust's programme strategy offers a review on emerging trends across the country that have an influence on our work, and provides an overview of our objectives, programmatic focus and our anticipated impact.

VSO India Trust Strategy

Poverty in India is unquestionably multi-dimensional, with disparate groups of people disadvantaged across many aspects.

India accounts for 32.9% of the world’s extreme poor (less than US$1.25 per day); around 450 million Indians live below the poverty line. The country is thought to be home to 343.5 million destitute people.

Around 15% of households have no member achieving at least one year of education -that’s more than 200 million people.

VSO India Trust is aiming to realise systemic change through focus on girls and women, with a particular concern for scheduled women and those living with disabilities. 

Our innovations and scaled programmes will improve the learning outcomes of 2,000,000 girls and the economic opportunities of at least 200,000 women by 2020.

This will be achieved through linking youth innovation and entrepreneurship with strategic private sector and government engagement.

Our solution makes full use of technological approaches and recognises the demographic dividend in India; projected to have the youngest population on the planet by 2020, with a median age of 28 and the second largest generator of graduates in the G20.