Inclusive education

Inclusive education

VSO India Trust is working to ensure the right to education for all

VSO India Trust inclusive education programmes

We engage community and youth volunteers to increase awareness and demand enrolment and retention of children in primary and secondary schools.  We build capacity of school management committees and village education committees for providing improved access to schooling and promoting quality education. 

A cornerstone of our strategy is in promoting education for all, with a particular focus on girls. Globally, girls are half as likely as boys to enter secondary school.

Working women and more-educated women (who tend to complete their schooling before bearing children) are likely to have fewer, healthier children. Under five mortality in India drops from 11% for those with no education, to 8% and 5% respectively for those who complete a primary and secondary (or higher) cycle. Fertility rate drops from 3.6 children to 2.6 and 2.1.
Our own data tells us that when we focus our partnerships on gender we record material differences in programme reach (ultimate beneficiaries).

SMS Story

SMS story is an innovative education programme of VSO.  It enables teachers to enhance their English teaching skills and improves the reading ability of students in elementary classrooms in India

SMS story in India is VSO’s solution to improve the reading and speaking of Basic English of over 2,000 children in the age group of 9 to 12 years and English teaching skills of over 100 teachers of non English background using SMS technology.

Find out about the 2015 SMS Story pilot and our plans to expand.