Youth engagement

Youth engagement

Indian youth between 15-29 years comprise 27.5% of the nation’s population, and contribute 35% of the country's Gross National Income.

VSO India's strategy will ensure youth-led innovations are harnessed in national development by 2020 - when India's population will be the youngest on the planet.

Youth engagement programmes | VSO India Trust

VSO India Trust recognises the value of youth development towards the country’s demographic dividend and works through youth engagement and youth employment/entrepreneurship programmes.

We believe that it is important to provide spaces for youth to discover their potential; engage with stakeholders; participate in inclusive socio-economic development; and create entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges. The youth engagement programme is based on the belief that youth skilling, mentoring and training leads to their active participation in economic activity.

Youth Citizen Service

VSO India Trust’s youth flagship programme has designed interventions for youth engagement - Youth Citizen Service and youth employment/ entrepreneurship.

Youth Citizen Service (YCS) is an eventful journey that sparks change within and around young people by engaging them in a life changing development experience. This is a national volunteering programme for youth who are selected through a competitive process from across India. YCS volunteers, aged 18 to 25 are oriented on volunteering and community work. They bring a fresh perspective to address development issues working closely with local communities.

23 young people from 12 states volunteered 966 days of their lives to YCS in the last cycle.

The youth employment programme is designed around ‘employability’ as often technical/ vocational education is not matched to market needs.

The programme works with trainers/ facilitators of vocational training institutions towards updating curriculum and designing innovative methodologies for experiential learning. It also engages with the corporate sector for internships and creating job placements. All through interventions, a special focus is given on soft-skill development as an important input for employability. Our youth entrepreneurial programme encourages creative thinking, mentoring by corporate volunteers and developing sustainable solutions to social problems.

For more information, or to find out how to take part in the six week YCS programme for 18-25 year olds see our youth volunteering opportunities.