Who we are

Who we are

VSO India Trust is an Indian development organisation committed to addressing issues of poverty and inequality.

Who we are | VSO India Trust

Our aim is to facilitate the participation of young people in development; specifically to develop scalable, sustainable, social innovations to development challenges; which support equitable access to quality education, particularly for girls; and economic self-sufficiency and resilience, particularly for women.

We are committed to impact two million girls to have improved educational outcomes and 200k women to have increased livelihood resilience by 2020. VSO India Trust is working towards nurturing a platform where corporate, government and civil society can practically work together in addressing poverty, equality and equity.

We are a part of VSO International which is the world’s leading independent international development organisation working for change through volunteers. Globally, VSO works in more than 20 countries across Asia–Pacific & Africa regions. 

Our vision

VSO India Trust envisions an equitable society where citizens take responsibility for and action towards alleviating poverty and exclusion.

Our mission

VSO India Trust mobilises people to participate actively in the development process through volunteering, active citizenship, and advocacy.