YCS is my calling

YCS is my calling

Shivi Vijayvergiya explains how for her YCS has truly been a life changing opportunity.

Shivi on the extreme right with her sisters

I was litigating and that too with one of the best people in the legal fraternity and I don't know what it was, but the invite to a volunteering programme somehow caught my attention. I believe my journey of change started right then.

I got the feeling that YCS is my calling. The next big thing was communicating about the programme to my parents for whom it was difficult to understand why I was leaving my stable job to explore a supposedly life changing opportunity.

My parents have always been supportive of my choices in life and this me too they agreed. With thousands of questions in mind I started my quest to know myself better.

I went through all assessments and was selected. However, I understood the seriousness of the programme only during our pre-placement training. I was placed in Rajasthan along with 11 most wonderful and YCS is my calling diverse people to be with and from them two most amazing and supportive counter parts. I call them my sisters now.

Initially when we started working, we were asked to choose our own projects, the two areas which affected us the most and we wished to bring positive change to. My counterparts and I chose pension and MGNREGA which is a livelihood programme of the government. Our second area was providing information to school children about competitive examinations.

We developed an action plan and worked hard to implement it. Other than work, there were many changes happening alongside. These were bonding with the host family I was staying with, bonding with my counterparts and most importantly a round of questions and answers within myself.

I think the power of the programme was about connecting with the community people. Each day when we used to interact with them while conducting the survey, I realised how we can support them. When I returned to my host home, I used to think about all the events of the day and question myself if I did my bit to make a difference. This energy, this passion was never there for anything else in my life earlier.

Each day gave me more confidence, more hope and just working for the people made my inner self so happy. Whatever I did, wherever I was and whatever I had, it all made me feel so contented.

All my life, I struggled to get things right, yet being unclear and unacknowledged. But being here and working here I got all the answers. YCS truly is a life changing opportunity. The relationships I made through my work, my efforts, my engagement have helped me discover my true self.