YCS - an impactful beginning

YCS - an impactful beginning

Over 6,900 people were directly impacted through the 14 development projects led by Youth Citizen Service volunteers.

VSO India Trust Youth Citizen Service volunteers

Community issues addressed by YCS volunteers: Poverty, homelessness and migration, access to water, payment of wages due, access to basic rights and entitlements, cultural diversity, issues of gender, governance, dignity, caste, life skills, skills for secure livelihoods.

Personal development of YCS volunteers: Increased knowledge and self awareness of development issues, increased confidence, awareness of self, passion, adaptability, sensibility, patience, empathy, positive attitude, self awareness, leadership, teamwork, clarity in thought and future goals.


  • MGNREGA dues have been now paid for 350 households in Rajasthan.
  • 48 girls from Seemapuri slum can speak and interact in English confidently.
  • 12 villages of Rajasthan now have access to water.
  • 500 children are learning better through creative modules.
  • Teachers in 30 villages to benefit from creative curriculum developed.
  • 10 girls readmitted to school and many more on the way.
  • 40 youth mobilised in Delhi for computer training to improve their career prospects.


“YCS turns mirrors into windows.”
 - Suhas, 20 years

“I made children see real events, situations and context in a bigger perspective than what is presented to them.”
- Dipanker, 21 years

“Mobilising 30 students for enrolling into computer education in a year to a batch of 70 students in one and half month's That’s the power of YCS!
Ramesh, PCI Centre In-Charge, New Seemapuri

“More such programmes must be organised as they are real change makers for young people.”
- Annie Vincent

“I could make a boy get rid of eating tobacco and get de-addicted to drugs.”
- Yaseer, 18 years

“We had two perspectives. One with which came in, and then the reality we saw. Both were beautiful in their own way.”
-  Arvind, 19 years

“The volunteers have made an impact on the ground in such a short period of time and also formed deep relationships with the community which is very creditable.”
 - Rita Mishra, Patang